Ainaa Sakinah

Ainaa Sakinah Azman

This year, I'm making investments on my skills, my relationships, my well being and my future.

What I've been doing this year?

So it's been almost 3 years since I moved to Tokyo from Kanazawa. I no longer think the food sucks here and I've pretty much gotten used to the crazy morning commute.

In February, I decided to quit my job in Supply Chain and joined Le Wagon coding bootcamp as I thought it would be a cool skill that would complement my experience.

At the same time, I also got married. Man, it was so busy, I thought I wouldn't make it. But thanks to the support of everyone around me, everything turned super awesome!

What's next?

I am currently looking for a cool place and an awesome employer to work for! I love a good challenge, and I love to learn but most of all, I believe that happiness is really important for a sustainable work life balance.

I want to know that all my hard work, sweat and tears are going to be appreciated and making a difference to something I believe in.

So if you share the same values and are looking for a friend, or hiring , or just want to network , feel free to contact me :)